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Visual Storytelling

A key challenge for any nonprofit organization is persuading people to take action.

Little Theatre Series

From the Little Theatre Series

But persuasion requires communication that is clear, consistent, memorable and immediate.

Communication that explains the:

That’s where visual storytelling can help.

Using the right combination of pictures, words and communication channels, you can tell stories that address all four of the items listed above. And address them with more impact than with words alone.

Visual Storytelling is a custom communication service that includes:
Planning: Identify specific audiences and intended actions, define measurable objectives, and outline the story components.

Content creation: Conduct photographic sessions and interviews, perform background research and write accompanying text or script.

Production: Create the final story format (video, website, book, image library, press kit, etc).

Execution: Plan and carry out a limited or ongoing campaign using the right mix of channels including email, direct mail, newsletter, or social media.

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