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How I Work

Documentary photography is a key ingredient to the services I offer.

That’s because photographs tell your agency’s story, and the stories of those you serve, with more impact and emotion than words alone. And they are significantly more effective at inspiring action than posed subjects or generic stock images.

From the Flags of 9/11 Series

From the Flags of 9/11 Series

Then, depending on your needs, I can create a written narrative and incorporate the resulting stories into a variety of finished formats. I’ll design and create email, direct and social media campaigns, eNewsletters, books, videos and media kits. And I can set up a photo library for you to access the perfect image when you need it.

To find out more, take a look at my at my Services and Image Portfolio. Then, give me a call me at 860.328.3422.

My Approach

I start every project by gathering information about your organization’s mission and communication goals. Together, we’ll look at your current outbound communications and assess what’s working and what isn’t.

We’ll focus specifically on the audiences you want to reach, the emotional and cognitive reactions you want to achieve, and the actions you want to encourage – i.e., donate, volunteer, vote on a referendum.

Then, based on those requirements, I’ll put together a plan that includes a timeline, deliverables and fees. I work on a project basis, so you’ll know the total cost up front.

The Visual Advantage

Visual storytelling combines words and pictures that show your organization through the eyes of those who directly experience the work you do: donors, clients, staff members and volunteers.
The result is messaging content that goes beyond simply describing who you are and what you do. It is content that also communicates:

By adding a strong visual element to your content, you’ll tell memorable and actionable stories that help persuade: