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Wondering how best to communicate your organization’s mission?

I focus exclusively on helping nonprofits create visual stories that increase mission awareness, understanding and impact.

From coaching and training to complete project oversight, I offer customized programs that help you tell stories that are compelling, memorable and actionable.

Capabilities include…


Documentary photography Digital strategy
Copywriting Social media
Interviewing Video slideshows
Email Speaking  / Workshops
Newsletters Blogging
Photo libraries Analytics


If you’re looking for a better way to tell your own stories, take a look at the services below.

And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, call me at 860.647.1080

Visual Storytelling: From concept to campaign, this program provides you with custom stories, complete with photographs and narratives. And they’re packaged in the right format for each audience.

Strategy: We’ll start by focusing on framework, process and tools. Then we’ll put together a plan that sets you on the road to creating and publishing visual stories that engage audiences and inspire action.

Newsletters: One of the most important pieces of donor communication is the newsletter. It also ranks among the least read. I’ll work with you to improve yours or create a new one that donors will look forward to reading.

Workshops / Training: For more than five years, I’ve been writing my own monthly eNewsletter. Every issue begins with a story. I’ll show you how it can work for you. Other workshops cover visual storytelling basics and how to make engaging photographs.

If you’re ready to begin creating stories that work, contact me…

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