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Articles and eBooks

Article: Riding the Train: The Importance of Meaning in Nonprofit Stories

How nonprofit stories can reach beyond the narrative to create meaning for audiences.

eBook: Donor Appeal: Turning Stories into Action

A practical guide that shows you how to inspire your donors with actionable stories!

eBook: A Starter Guide to Marketing Bequests: Six Tips to Help Secure Your Nonprofit’s Future

Thinking about starting a bequest program or more actively marketing the one you have? Then this is the eBook for you!

eBook: 12 Affordable Digital Content Marketing Tools: A Starter Kit for Nonprofits on a Budget

If you’re serious about creating content, but need an affordable set of tools to get started, then this is the eBook for you!

eBook: The Marketer’s Step-by-Step Guide to
Conducting an Email Campaign

If you’re launching your first email campaign or trying to get your email process back on track, this eBook will help build a solid foundation.

Article: The Newsletter’s New Clothes [PDF]: Nonprofit Advantage, March 2015.

How to create a nonprofit newsletter that educates and motivates your donors.