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MarCom Matters

February 2015
Issue: #64

Getting Started with Video

There are certain pleasures I get out of working in this business.

One of them is reaping the entertainment value from all the annual marketing prognostications out there.

Most of these predictions follow a predictable pattern – the foreshadowing of either the breakout or death of some marketing tactic.

I bring this up because I came across a post on the MarketingProfs website the other day titled, “2015 will be the Year of Video Marketing.”

Yeah, sure… Just like each of the last five was “The Year of Mobile.”

But I digress…

In typical sage fashion, the author spliced together a few generalized attributes and statistics that prove video is hot: Things like, it offers a compelling way to tell stories. It generates lots of click-throughs and leads. It’s measurable. And marketers are flocking to video like college students to Miami in March.

Of course he didn’t mention that video production can be a costly venture. A well-done, basic, three-minute explainer video might come with a price tag in the neighborhood of four or five thousand dollars. Add in some animation, a professional voiceover artist, location shooting, and now you’re talking real money.

Hard to justify as a first-time investment, especially if you’re a small or mid-sized organization.

Nor did the author mention that when choosing a communication medium, what matters most is audience preference, the objectives you want to achieve, the nature of the information you present, and how well you present it.

So, okay. Let’s say video seems like the perfect fit for your customers and your prospects. How can you join the party without going all Hollywood on the production values and cost?

Here are some ideas…

Done right, these do-it-yourselfers can be as powerful as any highly-produced cinematic masterpieces – as long as they convey the right information to the right people.

And – just like any other medium – your audience will stay tuned longer if the videos look and sound professional. This isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be given the availability of affordable (and free) equipment, services and software.

If you’re in the market for insightful – and highly understandable – technical advice, check out these learning videos from the folks at Wistia. Their material covers a range of topics, including…

So will this be “the year of video marketing?”

Bleats me. The only thing I know for sure is what the Chinese calendar says: It’s the Year of the Sheep. Or is it Goat? Or Ram? Or…