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MarCom Matters

November 2014
Issue: #62

A Taste of Integrated Marketing

Every now and again it happens: Thanksgiving dinner turns out like you see on the Food Channel. And in our house, this was the year.

As the chef in charge of turkey and gravy, I was pretty proud when the bird came out moist and tasty. Not underdone or dry as dust as has occasionally happened in the past.

Janet’s potatoes and side dishes were spot on, including the year’s newest addition – a sweet potato and apple tureen. And I say this as someone who is convinced that orange vegetables are the work of the devil.

Then there was the apple pie, fresh out of the oven – a perfect melding of sweet and tart. It screamed for a second slice.

As I looked back on the meal, I realized that we often critique our important dinners by focusing on the mistakes or the weakest parts. Things guests might notice, but would never say.

It goes something like, “Yeah it was good, but I burned the pie crust.” Or over-salted the gravy… or forgot to cook the carrots… or spilled wine on grandma’s new white tablecloth.

But a dinner that comes together is the result of a perfect combination of planning, execution and experience (and being careful not to spill the wine). Think of it as an integrated approach to holiday dining.

Now what if you applied that same approach to marketing your business? (Nice segue, huh?)

Here’s what I mean…

The bottom line: An effective marketing strategy is like a good holiday dinner. Putting it together is an integrated effort that requires some skill, some experience, some sensitivity and some agility.

Most of all, it’s about giving your prospects an experience that will make them want to come back for more.

And who doesn’t like seconds?