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Turning Stories into Action



Who doesn’t love a good story.

The exceptional ones capture our imaginations and teach us how to live better lives. They draw out our experiences and emotions. And we remember them.

As a nonprofit professional, you know that stories are the bridge between your organization and your donors. Stories illustrate the work you do — and the reason why you do it — in ways that a billion facts and figures just can do.


So Far, So Good

But here’s the problem: Too many nonprofit stories don’t work. They don’t captivate the audience’s attention. They don’t rouse feelings. And they don’t inspire action.

So if your appeal letters, newsletters, blogs and videos aren’t giving you the results you expect, then it just might be time for a storytelling makeover.

The thing is, you can learn to tell better stories. Stories that have emotional and intellectual appeal. Stories that lead people to donate, volunteer or sign that petition. In short, actionable stories.

What are the advantages of actionable stories? They…

  • Hold an audience’s interest from beginning to end
  • Forge a sense of empathy with the characters
  • Connect your organization with the cause you serve
  • Demonstrate impact through the eyes of others


Now here’s the secret… there is no secret to telling actionable stories.

But there is a right way and a not-so-right way to telling them.


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A Practical Guide

My latest eBook, Donor Appeal: Turning Stories into Action, shows you how to create stories that inspire donors to give.

Using a typical nonprofit story as an example, we’ll step through and transform it from ho hum to downright inspirational.
Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • Why the typical nonprofit story formula no longer works
  • The seven elements that make stories actionable
  • The four audience outcomes of actionable stories
  • The three ingredients you need to begin a story
  • Why you need to create a universal connection with your audience
  • How to choose the right ending for your story
  • How to transition from the narrative to the “call to action”

So download the eBook now and start attracting more donors with actionable stories. There’s no registration required.

You’ll see what a difference actionable stories can make.


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