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A Starter Guide to

Marketing Bequests

Six Tips to Help Secure Your Nonprofit’s Future


Of all the planned giving options out there, bequests are the easiest to implement. And the most beneficial to your nonprofit organization.

But people give bequests for very different reasons than they give to other fundraising campaigns.
That’s why you need a marketing program that gently persuades current donors to place their legacies in your hands.
And that’s why you need to download my latest eBook…

A Starter Guide to Marketing Bequests

Six Tips to Help Secure Your Nonprofit’s Future

Inside you’ll discover…

  • Why donors decide to leave bequests
  • Why you probably have more prospects than you think
  • What kinds of stories help convince donors to give
  • What words to use (and avoid)
  • What communication materials you’ll need

You’ll also learn how to write an effective bequest appeal and why a shared future vision is critical for strengthening donor trust in your organization.

So download the eBook now and start your bequest marketing program today.

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Not Convinced?

There’s a lot of “truthiness” floating around about the complexity of running a planned giving program. And somehow, bequests got caught in the turmoil.

But bequests offer your nonprofit substantial benefits over other legacy programs…

  • They account for 90 percent of all planned giving.

  • You don’t need an investment manager like you do with gift annuities.

  • Most bequest donors are not wealthy. So your database probably contains more viable prospects than you might expect.

  • Bequest donors tend to increase their annual giving.

The bottom line: Even if yours is a small or midsize organization, you can start a bequest marketing program today — with the staff and volunteers you already have.
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